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2019 Soccer Team Champions!

Sanchez Sports

Join our Sanchez Lions Team!

Please see Mr. Thompson, our P.E. Teacher, for more information.

Sanchez Sports
Mr. Thompson Head Coach
Mr. Thomspon
            FLAG FOOTBALL and SOCCER
Mr. Crocker  Head Coach
Mr. Crocker
                      TRACK and FIELD
    Mr. Lesuer      Head Coach
Mr. LeSuer

September 18, 2019    Sanchez vs Taylor:   13-8  (W)

September 27, 2019    Sanchez vs Alvin:     23-0  (W)

October 2, 2019           Sanchez vs Liberty:  26-0  (W)

October 11, 2019         Sanchez vs Battles:  14-6  (W)